Brayden's Journey

Sunday, January 22, 2012

T.C. Eggington's Chasing the cure in honor of Brayden

Last weekend I flew back from Cape Town, South Africa on Saturday evening and Sunday morning bright and early I had to get up to run in the half marathon in honor of Brayden.  I was pretty tired from travelling for 30 hrs.  But I knew I wanted to finish this race for Brayden.  All the surgeries my son has to go through, I felt like this is the least that I can do.  I know when Brayden gets older, he will be happy that Geoffrey & I did so much for him at such a young age.

I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Katie Dempsey for putting our team together for the race and also for T.C. Eggington's for sponsoring us.  We are so lucky to have such great support, especially with Geoffrey's co-workers and boss.  He really does work for such an amazing company. 

I signed up for the race 3 months before, so my plan was to train hard and also run 3 times a week.  Well with having a 1 yr old that didn't happen.  I did walk/run a few times but for the most part I just just to my insanity work outs and that was my training.  So come race day, since I didn't train much my goal was to finish by 4 hrs.  I was very happy with my results and I finished the race in 2 hrs 57 min and 38 sec! At mile 8, I was getting tired and was thinking wow, I have 5 more miles to go....part of me wanted to hitch a ride from a car driving by but I thought to myself, no I can't give up.  I need to do this for my son, he has to deal with all of these surgeries so this is my way to show him how much I love him.

Can't believe our 4 months of break between surgeries is about over with.  We had a great time away in Cape Town with family, Brayden even took his 1st steps this past week! He also has been getting 4 teeth in.  Feb 2nd Brayden will have his 3 surgery.  He will be getting tow 750's expanders on the middle of his back.  We will keep the expanders in for 12 weeks and he will go back to Chicago on April 23rd to get them removed.  I just pray for no infections this time around and that Brayden stays healthy. Please continue to keep Brayden in your prayers and we also have cook books still for sale, let me know if you would like one or even if you have friends, family or co-workers that you could sell them to.  We really appreciate all the support from people who have already bought one from us.

Front of our team shirt.....Nevus logo :)

Back of the shirt for the race

Before the race with T.C. Eggington girls; Katie, Kim & Victoria

This is for you Brayden!