Brayden's Journey

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Brayden is just about healed and surgery #11 is 10/23/14

Over the past few weeks we have been doing wet to dry dressing changes 2 times a day and putting an ace wrap around his stomach. His hole is just about closed up! And just in time before we head to Arizona to visit our friends who we miss so much.  Brayden is so excited to go visit his 2 nevus buddies, Joshua and Zach.  I love how they have a special connection and they know they are not alone.

I am hoping in a few days his side will finally heal up completely and we can ditch the dressing changes and ace wrap.  We are very happy how he healed up overall.  Dr. Bauer does such amazing work!

I emailed Dr. Bauer last week about Brayden's satellite spots and Dr. Bauer said we could have surgery to remove some of the larger ones in October or wait a few years.  We would rather get another surgery over with that way he can heal this winter.  We will be going to surgery #11 October 23rd with Dr. Bauer and Dr. Dickie, they will work together on this surgery that way they can get more removed.  They surgery will be an easy surgery, they will just cut out the satellite spots and stitch it back up.

On a good note, Brayden will be starting 3 year old preschool next month.  He will be going 2 days a week, I am happy he will be starting school so he can be around other kids and learn new things.  So happy we started this nevus journey when he was young, so we don't have to pull him out of school.

Looking good

 Brayden wanted to do a silly face! 
 Even his brother wanted to show off his butt, little brother copies every move Brayden makes