Brayden's Journey

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wednesday Brayden had his 6th laser surgery with Dr. Price at the Phoenix Children's hospital.  Daddy took him since, I had to work.  Brayden was in a good mood while he waited for Dr. Price to take him back.  Can't believe Brayden has had over 12 surgeries since he has been born.  What a brave little boy we have.  Can't wait for all of this to be behind us.

Dr. Price said the laser surgery went well.  So went higher on the voltage for the laser then she did last time.  Some of the areas have blistered.  We have been putting cream on him and it's starting to heal up.  Will take a few weeks to fully heal and see the results.  Over all Brayden is doing good and enjoying his time off from tissue expanders.

Brayden playing in the play area before surgery


Such a happy boy!


My 2 handsome boys...brave daddy and brave Brayden


 Few days after laser surgery, starting to scab over and heal already

Look at how awesome he healed up! So happy we had no problems this round with healing and not too much nevus left now....yay!

Right side pretty much all gone

Left side not too much left.  Next round of surgery in Feb, he will get one expander in leg and one in belly

Need a Christmas gift for someone this year or a stocking stuffer? Why not support Brayden and buy  cookbook :) And thank you everyone who has been supporting Brayden, without your help we would not make all these surgeries possible.  Deductibles, flying to Chicago for surgery and unpaid time off adds up.  But with the donations and cookbook sales, it has sure helped make all of this possible. 

Have a wonderful Holiday with your loved ones this year! I know we will