Brayden's Journey

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Good news....Brayden's back is finally healed!

After 5 1/2 LONG months, Brayden's back is finally healed! We are so happy he is healed and no more dressing changes. These past 5 1/2 months have been a long one for our family.  Seeing Brayden be in so much pain when we started the dressing changes, just broke my heart.  But with every dressing change, Brayden showed us how brave he really is.  He is such an amazing brave little boy and I am very proud to be his mom. 

We were suppose to have surgery in a few weeks, but since his back just now healed, Dr. Bauer would like to wait for a few months before we go back.  On a good note, he won't be needing any more expanders and just going to clean up the scarring on the back and cutting out the rest of the remaining nevus. 

This weekend was Brayden's 3rd birthday! Hard to believe he's 3 already, but what an amazing boy he has become.  He has been through so much his first 3 years of life, that most people never have to go through.  So nice to see him run around and be like any other 3 year old and not having to worry about dressing changes and expanders.  Now we just have to keep the scar moist and wait until his next surgery.  We are hoping he only needs one more surgery and then we will be done with our nevus journey of surgeries.

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 Happy 3rd birthday Brayden!


Start of his bad back
2 week after surgery, hole getting bigger


One month after surgery starting to look better and shrink down
5 1/2 months after surgery, finally healed!