Brayden's Journey

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

7th laser surgery and updated pictures of healing

Today we had an early morning and had to be at Phoenix Children's hospital at 6 am.  My mom and I took Brayden for his 7th laser surgery and also to get his stitches removed.  I was so happy that Dr. Price could do both of them at the same time. Brayden was in a pretty good mood this morning, especially after they gave him a "happy drug" to calm him.

This is a picture before laser surgery, now the spots are super dark and will start to lighten over the next few weeks
My brave boy before surgery
 Brayden with Grandma Vauble
 Playing with some toys before surgery
 Brayden after the "happy drug" kicked in wearing his super hero cape

My mom and I took him back to the OR and stayed with him until he was put under, which is never fun seeing you child like that.  But I knew he was in good hands with Dr. Price.

It took just over an hour and she said everything went well and you can see that the laser has been working on his satellite spots. The satellite spots are much lighter now and you can tell a difference each time we get the laser done.  She also got out all but 2 of his stitches.  She couldn't get to the last 2 because they were so embedded in the skin.  So we are hoping over time they will come out. 

She also recommended that we put pool salt and bleach in his bath tub.  The pool salt will take away the sting when he gets in the water.  He hates taking baths right now and screams every time he has to get in it.  I can understand why with a big open wound. So we are hoping soon, he will love bath time again!

Brayden's back is continuing to heal, it is looking better and will still be a few months before it's fully healed. We have been putting a steroid cream and a dry pad and ace wrap on it twice a day.  All we can do is take one day at a time.  But it looks like we will be doing dressing changes for awhile longer. We are very happy the worse is behind us and that we are seeing improvements.