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Sunday, October 9, 2011

2nd laser surgery

This past Wednesday Brayden had his 2nd laser surgery at Phoenix Children's Hospital.  Geoffrey & I took him at 7 am and his surgery was at 9 lasted an hour.  Dr. Price who is his dermatologist did the surgery.  She is the nicest doctor, so caring and we are lucky to have her.  Dr. Price did over a 100 different zaps to all his satelite spots on his arms, legs, belly, back and a few on his face.

When Brayden woke up, he downed 8 oz. of formula and was alittle out of it, since he was put under.  I had to go to work, so Geoffrey took Brayden home and they spent the day together.  When I got home that night I couldn't believe how good Brayden was acting, he was crawling aroud like nothing happened. 

This time they used a newer laser and it was more intense, Brayden got blisters this time around.  Dr. Price told us to give him a steriod and also put on vaseline and that will help.  The spot look super dark right now, but over the next few weeks they will start to lighten.  Then Brayden will go back in 6-8 week for another round of laser.  We hope he will only need 3-4 more rounds of laser, each time they do the laser, the satelite spots fade. 

Bryden is 3 weeks away from his 1st birthday...where did the time go?!
 Here is before pictures of some of his satelite spos on his leg
 Brayden playing in the hospital before surgery, he loved this car!
 Brayden loves to put things on his head!
 Daddy & Brayden at the hospital
 Mommy & Brayden
 Daddy making silly faces
 No comment needed here, ha!
 Take 1 of taking a family picture, Brayden...thought it was funny to pull mommy's hair
 2nd take of family picture...he still wants to pull my hair!
Later that day after surgery, playing with my toys....crawling every where 

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