Brayden's Journey

Sunday, November 16, 2014

GI Specialist

Wednesday we went to GI Specialist in Des Moines to see Dr. Carlin.  He said that he didn't think Brayden had any major issues going on since he doesn't complain about his stomach hurting or throw up regular.  But he wanted to make sure, so he sent us home with a kit to check his stool.  We had to get samples of his stool for 3 days and send the results back to Dr. Carlin.  Once he got the results he will check for blood.  Once he reviews the results and if he sees anything wrong he will put Brayden on acid reducing medication for a couple of months.  After that he will re check his stool for blood and if still positive he will perform an upper endoscopy for further evaluation. 

So far it sounds promising and nothing too major which we are happy about.  Now getting this stool samples hasn't been fun.  Ha.  But Brayden thought it was pretty funny when we had to get samples of his stool!

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