Brayden's Journey

Monday, October 10, 2016

Another surgery for Brave Brayden #12 here we come!

Can't believe it's been 2 years since Brayden's last surgery.  I am so thankful that we started him at such a young age.  Just when I thought I could print out my blog because I was done with it, he needs another surgery.  Since June Brayden's back hasn't healed, it's the same areas re-opening over and over again. Most days when he comes home from school his poor shirt has blood on it.

We have tried everything possible to help it heal like creams and wraps.  Well nothing is working so we reached out to Dr. Bauer and he said, he needs to come to Chicago for surgery sooner then later.  Dr. Bauer will clean up these areas, remove the deep sutures that is causing the secondary inflammation that is causing the continued breakdown of the skin.  Once he does this, we pray he heals and no more problems.  This will be an easy surgery for him compared to the others but still it's another surgery I was not wanting him to go through.  

I asked Brayden how would he like to go to Chicago and see Dr. Bauer and he could fix his back? He said that would be fun and he would also love to stay at the Ronald Mcdonald house! I am so happy he has good memories of Chicago and doesn't remember all the bad things.  He also asked if his little brother could stay behind so we could do some fun things without him! Ha.  I found a Legoland near Chicago and Brayden is so excited to go!  His birthday is coming up, so I thought this would be a perfect treat for him before surgery on Monday.  We are leaving on Friday, that way we can have a few fun days in the city before surgery. 

Here's a picture of his open wounds.  For awhile I couldn't figure out why he didn't like going to gym class, well then he told me they have to do sit ups and it hurts his back.  Now I can see why he didn't want to go.  He didn't like to tell us it was hurting him, that is the way he is.....he keeps things in.  I hope he learns to tell us if something is hurting so I can help solve the problem for him.  

Please keep my little guy in your prayers, he is such a strong brave boy and I am so lucky to be his mommy! 

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