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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Brave Brayden turned 6 and his stitches are out!

November 1st  Brayden turned 6! Can't believe he is 6 already.  He had a fun birthday party last weekend with his family and friends.  So hard to tell him to take it easy still! He has been asking me lots of questions lately.  He wanted to know when he had his 1st surgery, which he was 7 months old.  He said, "Wow" mom I was only 0! Yes Brayden you have been a brave boy from the start! 

So thankful for my friend Steph.  She took out his stitches on Sunday.  His leg is looking great! It didn't go so well taking them out.  He said I just want to go to Dr. Bauer and be put to sleep.  He also said are you trying to kill me, I think I'm going to die.  Ugh just broke my heart hearing him cry and say those things.  After awhile he calmed down but look at every stitch she took out.  I am so thankful we started his journey at such a young age.  I don't know how parents do it when they are this age and just starting this process.  But we are very happy the way his leg looks and healing.  

Now his back is another story.  Yesterday his teacher sent me this picture and said his shirt is all bloody.  So Uncle Brandon went to the school to give him a new shirt and they put a band aid on it.  I just pray it heals up and doesn't get any bigger.  He's suppose to be taking it easy till Monday.  But depending on this back, he might have to sit out of gym longer and recess.  He says he doesn't mind staying in for recess, he likes to color and hang out with his teacher.

Thank you everyone for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers!

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