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Sunday, August 21, 2011

4th fill done! And no problems, yay!

Tonight Geoffrey & I did the 4th fill at home.  We were a little worried that we didn't have a 3rd person with us, but Brayden did great.  He was busy eating his gold fish and when Geoffrey stuck the needle in on the left side he didn't feel a thing.  Which we were happy about! We got 75 cc's in and now the left is up to 365.

Then it was time for the right side, by this time Brayden wanted to get off the kitchen counter and go and play so I gave him a toy and he was happy.  Geoffrey stuck the needle in the right side and he didn't even move...yay! We got 45 cc's in and now the right is up to 290.  It's amazing how different each side fills and they are both not the same. 

This week Geoffrey took Brayden to the doctor for a follow up on his sore throat and the doctor said he is healthy and looking great.  Then the doctor gave him 2 shots.  Which I told his doctor he's not allowed to have any shots during the time he has his expanders in.  Well the doctor forgot and when Geoffrey called me after the doctor apt, I was in a panice because Dr. Bauer in Chicago said no shots.  Why, I don't know.  I just knew, no shots. 

So I called Mim the nurse at Dr. Bauer's office and she said the reason they tell you not to get any shots is because they could get sick or get an infection and it just becomes a grey area and they won't know if it's from the expanders or the shot.  She told me it's not the end of the world but don't do it again.

Also this week I have been dealing with the insurance company and they are not wanting to cover Brayden's laser surgery he had in April.  They are saying it's not medically necessary, so now we are sending medical records and Dr. Price wrote a letter, but as of right now, it's denied.  So that's $2200 out of pocket we will have to pay.  And Brayden will need 4-5 more rounds of the laser, so I just pray it gets covered and if it doesn't get covered, I really don't know if we will be able to afford it.  Which is heart breaking because he needs it.  So now, I am "trying" not to stress and hopefully some good luck comes our way soon!

On Friday we went over for a play date with Brayden's nevus buddy Joshua.  He had his expanders out a few weeks ago and he is doing good.  We are very greatful to have them for support and to live so close to us.  We love hanging out with them!

Brayden at the South African braai last night, he was not a fan of the grass, the moment it touched his foot he moved it.  It was pretty funny!

Brayden having scramble eggs for the 1st time...he loved it! But boy, was it messy!

Getting ready for the fill, these are all the supplies we need for the fill

Left side with 365 cc's now

Back side of the 2 expanders

Right side, the smaller side at 290

Eating his mum mum after his fill

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