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Sunday, March 11, 2012

5th fill done

Today we did Brayden's 5th fill at home.  We were lucky to have support from some friends today, Ardita, Stephanie and Katie came over to help us.  We are very greatful to have such supporting friends that want to help us during the fills.  Brayden did an amazing job once again, sitting like a good boy and didn't cry once.  But you never know how he will react, so it's always good to have someone other then Geoffrey and I during the fill. 

Brayden's 1st round of tissue expanders, we only got to 5 fills...then he got the infection and it was off to Chicago for emergency we are at the 5th fill once again, so we will be praying every week that we have no problems with this round and everything continues to go as planned for Brayden. 

Tonight we did great once again on the right side and we got 90 cc' the right is at 550 cc! We are very happy with that side right now....the left however is the side that isn't doing as great and we only got 45 cc's in and now it's at 317 cc's.  Over all we are very happy with our numbers right now and it still doesn't seem to bother Brayden, which makes this process so much easier on all of us. 

Since his expanders are getting bigger each week, I think it will be a good time to go through his closet this week and box up all his clothes he no longer fits into....tonight I put him in some sweat pants for bed since his pj's are too snug.  Luckily he's a boy and he doesn't mind what he is wearing, just as long as I don't put a hat on him or shoes...he's one happy guy ;)

The right is the larger expander at 550 cc's and the left is at 317 cc's


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