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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fill #4 done at home!

Tonight we did fill #4 at home, Brayden was a super hero once again and did a great job at sitting still and watching Shrek while Geoffrey did the fill and I distracted him.  Just amazes me how strong he is, at one point Brayden looked back and seen Geoffrey wearing a mask ( since he has been sick with a cold this week) and he seen Geoffrey with the needle and just leans forward and let's Geoffrey do his thing. Just wonder how long it will continue this good for us while doing the fills.

I was happy that Brayden is finally better and his cold went away, so that meant we were on track for our Sunday fill.  Feels like last Sunday was just here, but then again with the weeks going by so fast that only means we are that much closer to getting these bubbles out on April 23rd.  If everything goes correct and we have no problems, we will have 7 more fills. 

We were happy with the results tonight. We got 110 cc in the now the right is at 460 cc and the left, we did better then last week and we got 50 cc in.  Now the left is at 272 cc.  For the last round Brayden's expander's were at 435 cc and 350 cc after 5 fills....then we had to do the emergency surgery 4.5 weeks early.  So we are very happy that we are on our 4th fill and doing so well.

So now one of the problems we have come across, tonight after the fill we went over to my grandparents for dinner since my Aunt Donna & Uncle Randy, Shirley & Ken are in town.  We loaded Brayden up in the car seat like normal and we noticed that his expander's are getting so big, when he sits, he can't lay his head back on the head rest.  I will try a neck pillow next time we take him anywhere, so hopefully he will keep it on his neck.  Another thing we noticed his 18 months pj's are getting smaller, so looks like we will have to do some shopping soon for bigger PJ's and shirts.

We appreciate all the continued support and prayers every week.  And also thank you for everyone to helping us out and continuing and buying cookbooks.  We are very grateful to have all of you!

Brayden in the car seat on the way home from my grandparents, poor baby and his neck

Right side at 460 cc and left at 272 cc

Right expander

Left expander

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