Brayden's Journey

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Not a fun Sunday morning in the Phillipson house

Brayden slept from 10 pm till 8:30 this morning and normally I can hear his cry from time to time, but last night...I didn't hear a peep.  So of course I couldn't sleep and I kept checking on him to make sure he was breathing...with everything going on, I was freaked out something else was going to go wrong...well it did :(

When Brayden woke up, I got him out of his crib and it was soaked! At first I thought it was pee, then it was too much for that, then I was thinking, oh great...the expander broke! I got him on his changing table and took off his pj's and what do you know, it's coming from the stitches.  A solid drip of pus was running out.  I was so freaked out ,I didn't know what to do.  So hard when I was home by myself, I pretty much went in to a panic and was thinking the worst possible things have happened.  And I was upset with myself, that I didn't take him to the hospital sooner. 

Geoffrey was at work all day, so it was up to me to be strong for Brayden.  I didn't want to call Geoffrey at work and worry him, so I thought I better deal with this on my own.

Well thank goodness, I have Dr. Bauer on speed dial and he picked up as soon as I called.  He told me the pus is the infection and his body is just trying to drain out the infection.  He told me to get some gauze and a wrap and warp the wound.  I asked him if this was common, and he said yes, this happens from time to time and we need to let the rest of it drain out and get him on a different antibiotic.  So he said he would call that in for us. 

I asked him what the worst case scenario is and he said that it won't heal and we will have to fly to Chicago to remove his expander early.  But he said not to worry about that and that the worst is past us now.  He said Brayden's temp is back to normal, the infection is coming out and he is acting like him self again.  So now we just need that area to drain and heal.  Hmm, how do I not worry and think of the worst case scenario now :(  

Dr. Bauer is super nice and told me to hang in and everything will be ok.  So now, I got to trust in him, that everything will be ok. 

After I talked to him, of course I burst in to tears....I had to get a wrap for him and I was home do I go to the store with his pus dripping out? Luckily I am good friends with my neighbor Noel, so I went over to her house in a panic and she came right over to help me.  If I didn't have anyone to help me, I would have lost it.  So hard not having any family here during this hard time, but we are so greatful for close friends to be here for us and support us. 

After Noel went to the store and got the wrap, she helped me put it on.  We had a hard time trying to figure out how to wrap it with his 2 huge expanders.  But we finally figured it out.  Brayden has been acting more like his normal self today, which it makes this much easier on me.  But I'm not going to lie...I was so scared when I picked him up from his crib seeing him laying in that. 

Now, we have to wait for his body to heal...and that means no fill for awhile, hopefull only a week.  But we will see how things turn out.  Please pray for my little boy and that he has a fast recovery from this.

Think this calls for a glass of wine for this momma tonight ;)

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  1. Oh Krystel, I can image how you must have felt. This is your little boy; you want the best, only the very best for him, but you have to deal with all these setbacks.
    You can be proud of yourself that you dealt with this problem all by yourself and find the solutions by yourself. You are an amazing, strong mama!Don't worry about the crying; your first acts were great and after that when the adrenaline still runs through your veins and you realise what had happened, you cry which is good. Crying releases the tension. you had a bad night sleep because you were waiting for Brayden to call. You must be so tired now. I wish you all the best and you're in my prayers daily.
    Lots of love, Sylvia